Husband Referred

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My Fabulous Handsome Sensitive and Loving Husband (Can you tell I love him) recommended an article to me today.  Ladies … you probably won’t believe this, but MANY men don’t mind if you let your silver show. As long as you are happy most men are happy. Read the comments here about what men think […]

We are not OLD | We are Age Refined

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How about the phrase “age refined”.  I’m not ready to be labelled “old”; not yet! Not ever!  It just feel goods in my soul to think of myself as “age refined” rather than OLD. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Monique Parent. She is an inspiration. Yes it REALLY is true.  We can age like fine wine. […]

Evelina Forsell | Young Grey

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How wonderful that even young people are coloring their hair grey, silver, white. How I wish I had that opportunity as a younger woman. I started greying in my early 30s and was fully dying the hair from my mid thirties until my mid fifties. “Such Freedom” – Have a look.  Not only can Evelina […]

Head of the Month

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How Evelina went from black hair to silver hair. In a word “amazing”. Previous Video: Silver Hair with Black Roots: Check out my blog: ⟐ Products Used: Colour B4 Color Remover – Schwarzkopf Blonde Platinum Lightener – Mood Bleach Silver Blonde 107 Fudge Silver Shampoo – Maria Nila Black Color Refresh Color Bomb – Find it […]

Head of the Month

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You don’t have to be famous, or a former model or a current model to pull off looking great with grey, silver or white hair.  We are thankful, though, to people like Cindy Joseph (featured in this month’s Chicos Mag) and many others who have pioneered the effort to embrace our authentic self.  I belong […]

Mike Meyer

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Wow!  I think Mike actually looks YOUNGER in these photos.  Notice the color of his skin, and his glasses are the perfect style to set off the crisp youthful, yes youthful look.  So glad to see pics of both women AND men who embrace their grey, white or silver hair.

How To: Silver/Grey Hair Tutorial! | by tashaleelyn

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Amazing Products: Go from dark to grey … Products used in this video: BLOND ME: Bleach out your existing color first Developer: Blond me Wella T-14 (washes out in about 2 shampoos Keeps you white: Shimmer Lights – leave on about 10 minutes Keeps you silver: Fancilful Silver Lining *** (leave it on and blow it out…it washes out after […]

Help with Yellowing grey hair

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Available at  Sally’s Beauty Supply I belong to a group on FB called GGG Going Grey Guide.  From time to time, I find a things I like to share from that group. One of the group members writes the following about Roux Fanci-Full: FOR ALL OF US GROWING OUT BRASSY BLONDE DYED HAIR: Ohmygosh, am I […]

Shampoos for Silver | Grey or White Hair

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Price:  $17.00 (approx) This is the shampoo I use, and I love it!  One caveat, be sure to rinse it out fully. If you leave it on too long you’re hair will have a purple hue, but that “hue” will wash out after one wash. Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Formula Shampoo – A protein-enriched […]

Head of the Month

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I just LOVE both of these women’s hair.  I just never imagined that at this stage of my life I would ever consider growing out my hair to anything near this length, but I’m in the process of doing just that. So so so exciting.