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Dr. Fuhrman's Recipes #997

Did You Know Series: Tip #997

If you’re trying to lose weight but you don’t want to do Medifast/Atkins
/SlimFast/Jenny Craig/ or any of those other “unreal” and I might add
unsustainable plans of eating you may want to give Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s
way of eating a try.  It works.  I’m not saying I agree with EVERYTHING
he says, but I agree with an awful lot of it.

Let’s be logical too . . . even if your diet is largely made up of fruits/veges
/whole grains/nut/seeds/legumes and lots of water … you can afford to
eat some other things OCCASIONALLY that are not great for you.  Should
we eliminate dairy and all meat?   My sister who is an accomplished
Triathlete was sharing with me that milk is the ultimate post workout
I do think I’d go for the 2% variety though.  Anyone have any
thoughts whether it should be whole or would a lowfat milk have the same
benefit ??

Here is an excerpt from Milk is the ultimate post workout food….

I recommend low fat milk over non fat milk because the difference in calories is insignificant. Low fat milk has only 90kcal more when you drink 1 quart and only 45kcal more when you drink 2 cups. Not a big deal.

On top of that, research shows that fattier milk causes more lean body mass. So drink low fat milk if you can’t make whole milk fit in your diet. Remember to drink milk post workout only if you follow the 8 nutrition rules, milk has carbs.

In any case … once again . . . I think we all have to remember “everything in moderation”.

I’m not totally sure but I think implementing
at least a lot of what Dr. Fuhrmans teaches can’t hurt.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Six Week Eat To Live Plan

I’ve tried several of these recipes and they are very satisfying and not hard to make.
Go here or click on the image below.

Dr. Fuhrman's tried and true recipes