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What do the men think about Snow topped ladies?

Here are some excerpts from various sites I found.  I’ll be adding more as I find them.

We talked and flirted for about 15 minutes. When I asked what he thought about my gray hair, he said,”Men just don’t care about that.” – Source:

“I think it’s sexy. I worked with a woman named Judy yrs. ago. Her hair was mostly grey and it was beautiful the way she wore it.” – Source:

Grey hair or a touch is not the sign of old age, just means seasoned. We like our food with seasoning why not a woman? I have seen hundreds of foxxy women who sport the right attitude to match a little grey and the experience behind it. – Source:

Two men contacted me through the dating site, both complimenting me on my “sexy” long hair. Survey be damned. The long gray hair was staying. –

It’s the smile. If it has a hint of mischief in it, then the grey hair just says she has more years of experience in being mischievous. – Source: