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Healthy Mouth of Heaven | Brownie Bites

BrowniebitetowerBrownie Bites | Healthy Mouth of Heaven

I have to tell you that I have made vegan brownies before, but these are the best I’ve ever had. They really really really really taste like brownies.  I PROMISE you can’t taste beans.

They have a wonderful “mouthfeel”.  Two of these little “bites” satisfies my sweet tooth.

I found the recipe over at Karma Chow.  Chef Missy Costello (Vegan) Chef to The Exercise Guru and creator of P90x Tony Horton.

I did a nutritional analysis of The Brownie Bites created by Missy Costello (Tony Horton’s Chef). Now, please everyone, I am by no means a nutritional expert … I just calculated as best I could so if anyone sees error, feel free to post.

Missy Cosello Brownie  Bites Nutritional Analysis

These bites are scrumptious. Truly.
My final analysis (as close as I could get is below this: And you can see in the graphic above:

Cal = 34
Fat = 1.25
Carbs = 7.32
Protein = .93
Fiber = 1.11


DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way associated with Missy Costello nor Tony Horton .. I just think these are great.

If you want more info on P90X contact my coach: Kathryn Wong

I like this recipe even better than my Healthy Walnut Cake .. and that’s saying alot .