I love to sing gospel, and beautiful love songs, especially the often forgotten love songs of the thirties and forties.

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Below:  With my husband: The Annual Albany Tulip Festival; a JOYFUL day in May.

Pard and Angela Mother's Day 2014

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Well who would have thought that at this stage of my life I would be approached by a world class musician, and accompanist with what I considered one of the highest compliments of my life.   He loved my singing and offered to help me produce an album.  That man is Gordon Mote.

Angela Chan is first a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, second the wife of Dr. Pard Chan.  I love to sing beautiful music.  I especially love quiet worship.  I enjoy some of the American Songbook and the gorgeous love songs of the 30s and 40s.  I am also an avid website developer and enjoy blogging.  I love writing.  I own and operate a successful boutique Real Estate Company in Rockland County NY.

As long as there is breath in my body and the Lord gives me the strength and people still want to listen, I will sing.

Over the years the site has continued to evolve and now includes other areas of my life which I hope you benefit from.  I also journal on my reflections and musings, and I while it is not my aim to ever be a food blogger,
I do enjoy posting some favorite recipes.

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