PNE 1.1.14 to Present


Protected: 1.1.14 to present

My most recent entries are toward the top.  Click here  for the beginning of the story. It all started in October of 2012.

I’m writing this as a way for those who love me to keep up with what’s going on with me.   It is intensely personal.  We live in such a fast paced world that before we know it days, weeks, a month has gone by and suddenly a person will come to our mind whom we love deeply, or care for very much, or perhaps they are a distant acquaintance and wonder what’s happening in their lives. We wonder; are they okay?   What’s new and/or what are they up to. Entries dates are most recent/descending.


My Journal for 2014


September 20 ~ Pain this week.  As hubby says, “it seems to come in waves”.  Sex painful not during but a few hours or even the next day after.  Wednesday of this week, I was in bed all day.

September 8 Mon:  Went to church yesterday.  Layed down in upper balcony with Pard.  Music too loud.  Very little PNE pain.

August 31 Sun: Took a very bad fall landed on my forehead/nose.  Visit to ER for Catscan which was negative but this certainly doesn’t help me any.  Taking 10 days off from work.  Concussion.  Decided to STOP Physical Therapy.  I’ll do stretching on my own.

August 18 Mon:  Low pain this a.m. which is good after having sex yesterday.  I am a little sore on the labia major.  I have PT today.  It’s now 12:11 pm and I am a little sore.  Not surprising based on the aggressiveness of the treatment.  PT said that I’m improving in my ability to “hold” kegel and I am releasing better since last week.

August 17 Sun:  I have a new Physical Therapist.  I think it may be making a difference.  Most days last week I was BELOW a five and many days I was below a 3.  Showed property to my client several times last week.  And today, I didn’t use my lidocaine or ABG at all.  I did, however, have to take a pain pill subsequent to “communion” with hubby.  We’re not there yet.  But we ARE on our way, I think.

Aug 11: Physical Therapy: Irvington.  Pain for 1.5 days afterward.

Aug 4: Physical Therapy: Irvington.  No Pain afterward, but still feel like mild UTI.  She gave me exercises to do.
Legs up the wall, breath in breath out while doing a kegel, don’t be a butt gripper.

July 28: Physical Therapy: Irvington.  No Pain afterward, but still feel like UTI.

July 23 Wed:  Woke up in Pain.  Rockland Health Dept called.  Asked “if I had been to a Dr.Lately.  Had I been treated.  Treated for what!  I would not offer up any info, was very upset, and still very very upset and it’s now 3:00.  I’m in a lot of pain in the vestibule surrounding my urethra but not ON the urethra.  Labia minora mostly.  Some urgency/frequency this am but it has passed.  I spoke with Dr.Dena.  Very upset about the call from Rockland Health.  She made light of it.  She wants me to get tested for the STD test Claymidyia … WHEN will this all end.  Also I am to see a Rheumaolgist and maybe an infectious disease doctor.  I’m so emotionally tired I have to sleep.

July 22nd Tues:  Woke up in very little pain.  BUT showed 5 houses to Connie Rubi today and LOTS of sitting.  Bad pain like someone kicked m in the middle of my legs toward evening. PERC.

July 21 Mon:  Went for PT today with “Cat”.  Another “telling of my story … I’m so tired of doing that.  She did exterior work, cranial, sciatica, coxxyx.

July 16 Wed:  PERC (2) C today @5:00ish. Woke 1-3 UTI/mild. Lido/ABG. Home all day.

July 15 Tues: a.m. UTI/mild. Lidocaine.  Began ABG.

July 14 Mon: PERC: Mild pain day somewhat productive.  Physical Therapy: Irvington.  dinner with O’s evening.

July 13 Sun: PERC 6:00.  Lovely Day today.  I went to church. Sick of Satan getting the victory there.  I just put a baseball cap on my head (I’ve NEVER) gone to church like that.  My Pink Hawaii Hat, my pink seersucker skirt.  Hardly any makeup.  Black Heels (no hose) and out the door.  WE MADE it almost all the way to the end.  Pastor was wrapping up message.  Had a brief chat with Pete Williams about God’s call on his life to leave.  Left and went to CitiLine for Breakfast.  Home changed into comfies and spent a lot of time going over pain manuals.  I still have more work to do but I want to track this thing from Jan. to Present ON  continuous CALENDAR the best way I can.  So far it appears I was making progress after the first injections.  I had lidocaine (I saw an entry that I was feeling 70% better after the initial lidocaine/steroid

July 12 Sat: PERC. (10 PM) About the same as yesterday.  Using Lidocaine to treat.  It’s not “pain Per se” I feel The UTI urgency/frequency which has been a part of my life since the botox injections on May 21.

July 11 Fri:  Woke with NO PAIN at all.  Began began in late afternoon.  Had a glass of wine and it took the edge off.  NO PERC..

July 10 Thurs:  PERC. “Emergency” Visit to Dr. Harris today … She wanted to examine me and took many cultures.
10401374_10204112963134141_3593865327841417952_nOne was from INSIDE my urethra to check for fungus.  She put lidocaine INSIDE my urethra and showed hubby how to do it too.  P. watched the whole exam.  There were a couple of other ones (can’t remember right now).  11 vials of blood given so that she could “check every single thing known to man” that could cause this nightmare with a woman with this condition.  I was in SO MUCH PAIN when I left there I could barely walk.  On the way home took a Perc and went straight to bed and STAYED THERE til Friday am.

July 9 Wed: UTI Pain/Mild unit evening.  PERC.

July 8 Tues: UTI Pain but more Mild

July 7 ~ Mon:  PERC. Woke up in mild pain.  Still the UTI feeling but a mild version of it.  Physical Therapy: Irvington.

July 6 ~ Sun.   ~   Same as yesterday but intense 10+ pain all afternoon.  My only relief was at bedtime when I took my melatonin and went to sleep.  I have decided to STOP THE ELAVIL.  To many bad side effects.   I was very active today as I sang as guest soloist (sitting in church/then out to lunch).  Home and laid down all afternoon, but still in 10+ pain.  My only relief came when I took the Melatonin at bedtime.  Mercifully I only woke up once … @2:30.  Then again at 6:00.  That is tolerable for me.  I think my course of treatment is going to be percoset.  I have learned how to manage with that.

July 5 ~ Sat.     ~   4-5 Pain Today. Less frequency, but urine retention symptoms.  Slow moving bowels.  As the day progresses my pain levels go UP to 10++

July 4 ~ Fri.      ~  Less UTI symptoms today. BUT #10 Pain returned around 5:00.  Dinner Party Prep.  On my feet lots. Mild UTI symp. again
July 3 ~ Thur.  ~  AFTER 2:00 UTI symptoms subsided.  I actually rode in the car forgot my cushion.  

July 2 ~ Wednesday ~ Today at bedtime I began a new medication “Elavil” a/k/a Amitriptylene.  I began taking it Tuesday evening.  It’s a little orange pill normally given for anxiety/depression (neither of which I have) … although I have to admit how can one NOT be anxious about having pain 24/7 on some level.  The problem is it’s not “kicked in yet” and I still have pain but NOW I can’t take my percocet.  I can’t have a glass of wine to take the edge off.   I’m willing to forgo the wine, but when oh when will I be able to stop the pain.  The next few entries will be one line items to be able to quickly see how my days are.July 1 Tuesday ~ Began Elavil>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>June 13 – Fri -PERC: UTi/Sting/Urgency/Urethra pain/  7:00 Don and Kay/Dinner  PERC @9:30ishJune 12 – Thurs – UTI/Vestibule Burn/Urgency/Sting/Needle/Feel Full always/June 11 – Wed – PERC: #10 all day. Perc @1:00  BAD … UTI Pain/Burn/needle/full/urgency/PRESSURE Ice/IceJune 10 – Tues – Began Macrobid.  UTI/fullness/frequency/needle/sting/June 9 – Mon – No notes.June 8 – Sun – PERC: Pain on rising. UTi/full blown/10+ Pain all a.m./Sex at 2:30 (didn’t hurt) Evening. Full blown UTI/PercJune 7 – Sat – Productive.  Pain 5-6 Tolerable.  BUT Upper Vag.Vault/Sharp/Bad Burn. Flock tonight/Pizza/
Iced on Sofa
June 6- Friday – Burn Vag.Vault/Vestibule/UTI/ Lidocaine/Valium oral and vaginalJune 5 – Thursday #10 Pain/UTi/Fullness/Cervix type burning pain.  Lidocaine/Valium oral and vaginal

June 4 ~ Wed – PERC: 6:30 Perc/Sex/UTi symptoms … Fullness/Urgency

Wednesday ~ So  … Thursday thru Sunday were Killer days.  I had been off Percocet for 6 weeks.  These days I needed that pain killer again.  Doc says this pain will last another few days as we’ve made that pudendal nerve angry.  Each day I have a little less pain, BUT I still can not sit without pain (which is why we did this) and I still feel like I have that uncomfortable of urgency/frequency that one feels with a UTI.  Spoke with Dr. yesterday and she says we should know by next Wednesday give or take a few days whether I will get pain relief and finally be able to sit when the botox kicks in.  Why does it take so long for that botox to kick in.  I don’t know.  I also have to take Vaginal Valium (2-3 times a day) and oral valium (2 mg. 2 times a day).  This is to calm down the central nervous system which helps calm the muscles … vaginally it helps quiet down spasms.   What a Journey!  So my next report will be next Thursday/Friday.

June 3 – Tuesday/0 Pain on rise/

3:30 Sat 10 min.Burn Upper Vag.Vault.  UTI fullness/frequency

June 2 – Mon – Dr. Parnes/Bloodwork … 3:30 Fullness/UTI/ 0 Void /

June 1 – PERC:  Lidocaine/Valium oral and vaginal@ 5:00 and 10:00 pm

5.31 – PERC: 8:00 Rise 0 Pain/2:45 Pain builds/Burning … 6:00 Joe.Pov.Party 7-8 … PERC

5.30 Fri – PERC: Pain am 4-5 Valium/Oral Pain mid aft. SPASMS.  Knife.  9:00 Perc

5.29 Thurs  0 Pain on rise. Rest of day 7-10 Pain.  Linda Barlow/Wine ???

5.28 Wed – PERC: Pain on rise. Mid after Perc.   9:00 Perc

5.27 Tues – 0 Pain on rise.  Val.5HTP …
2:45 #6-7
5:00 #10 Val in Va/5HTP
9:42 #10

5.25  Sun – PERC: a.m. V.Vault/Azo/5HTP
1:00 Tiffany’s Party
4:45  #10 Pain/Perc

5.24 – Sat – PERC: 1:15/V.Vul. Perc/ v/REST in BED
2:35/Urgency/Spasms/0 Void/10 Pain/Perc
6:00 – Dinner With Ottertedts
9:30/#10 Pain/Perc #3

May 23 ~ Friday ~ PERC: Not as bad as yesterday, but still painful and I’m spasming!  I’m “icing” applied lidocaine, took a percoset, and I’m resting today.  AGAIN.  I HATE all this lying around.  But the alternative is too painful.  Please Lord!  It’ s4:00 pm and still PAIN … spasms … strange … this time on the right side.  Knifelike for a millisecond, but killer.

May 22 ~ Thursday ~ PERC: I have soooooo much pain today.  I think it’s just because I had so many needles yesterday, but on a scale of 1-10 it’s a 10+++.    Owweeeeee   Oweeeeee  Oweeeee … Had to take a Perc, and so glad I still have some.  Lying down now with ice.  Was able to do “some” LIGHT house chores, but mostly I’m flat on my back.  Dear Lord I hope it’s just temporary.  Very bad day.  Cooked steamed broccoli, quinoa and scrambled eggs for dinner.  Easy and delicious!

May 21 ~ Wednesday ~ Botox Injection day.  Visited the same doctor as I did on April 30.  She did the same injections as on 4.30 BUT she ADDED botox injections

I had 12+ needles into what they call the “vaginal vault” region.  Owwweeeee !!!   Yes it did hurt, but God was with me.    We are hoping the Botox will “relax” the muscle that is closest to the pudendal nerve which hopefully will help reduce the inflammation.  My last injections really didn’t help much.  I still could not sit for any length of time.  It always feels like there is a needle sticking “UP” in my vagina.  I can see you cringing as you read this.  YES!  It is very annoying and very painful.  In addition to the needles there is burning like someone applied BenGay on steroids up inside my vagina.  Our visit on 4.30 cost $2400.00 (insurance companies are telling us non-reimbursable).  Our visit yesterday was expensive as well.  We really really really need prayer.  If we continue this way, it could impact us financially on a serious level.  This folks, is how people lose their homes, savings and everything they’ve worked for their entire lives.  Please pray.  Today, I’m in serious pain, but I’m thinking that’s simply because I had so many needles yesterday.  I’m taking it easy and “icing” between my legs to keep the inflammation down.  Honestly, the pain is so much that the ice isn’t touching it sat all.  Oh I pray the botox works.  I’ll let you know.                 

5.12 – Monday – All a.m. 0 Pain … no notes rest of day

5.11 – Sunday – Away for Day

5.10 – Saturay – 3:00/#5 Pain/skin around rectum and labia

May 5 – Monday – Woke zero pain. 2:00/7-8 Pain/REST/BATH/  3 Pain Later.

May 2 – Friday- Thanks be to God my mammogram and ultra sound of the breast were negative.  RE: the Pudendal Nerve … I have less Pain on Left Labia but still it flares a few times throughout the day.  Still can’t sit without the feeling of something there in my vagina (or sometimes, but rarely rectum).  I do feel about 50% better though.  I’m able to work on a household “organizational” project that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but then only for a couple of hours and then must STOP and rest … I have very little energy which for me is a challenge because I am a “doer” … I love to accomplish things, but, I am hopeful.


April 30 – My First Appointment with Dr.Harris.   My appointment took 4 hours.  She wanted my whole story “from the beginning”.  I told her everything I could think of.  After much consultation and a “very thorough” internal exam (ouch) it was decided that the best course of action was to begin (internal) injections around the pudendal nerve. ouch/ouch/ouch.

The injection was a cocktail of various things I suspect.  There were also steroids in the injection.  Although I was truly petrified at the thought of vaginal injections, Dr. Harris was masterful, and, it didn’t hurt much at all … more like when you go to the dentist and they numb you.  After the injections, I was able to sit for about 1 hour without any pain (yay) but Dr. Harris cautioned me that was because I was numb, but that likely the old pain would come back.   Also fairly soon after the injection I felt that nagging burning that I always feel in the left labia.   The injection took place about 12:30.  It’s 5:39 and I’m in pretty bad pain now.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the injection or because the doctor was so aggressive (which she needed to be) in the examination of me.  We left the house at 7:45 and got home a little before 5:00.  I’m now lying in bed with ice between my legs and feeling a little scared that this medical situation will never end.  Poor Pard put $2400.00 on our credit card which according to the insurance company is NOT reimbursable.  I’m scheduled for yet another “injection” (this time botox) three weeks from now in the hopes that it will make a difference in my pain.  Also, the doctor told me I have a lump in my breast, BUT she thought it could be a gland.  I have a mammogram scheduled for May 14.  Pard will be with me.  Dear Jesus!

April 28, 2014 – I’ve been having many days where I have hours and hours of no pain.  Yesterday was a wonderful day.  It was Sunday.  I didn’t go to church because I had planned to go to evening church.  I was scheduled to sing at a private birthday event so I opted to rest in the am.  We arrived at the banquet house at about 12:45 and things were in full swing.  I have to say I had a wonderful time. I had a glass of wine … for some reason that always helps with any “urgency” I have.  I sang two songs.  I danced with my hubby.  Really danced.  Laughed.  Ate.  It was just wonderful.  Came home and layer down for 20 minutes or so then we went to church because hubby had to run sound for our Easter Cantata.  It was wonderful.  By the time we arrived home it was after 9:30 I think.  We watched a very small amount of tele and then headed to bed.  All in all in was a wonderful day.  I did take some Azo (Calm brand) just in case.  Just before  bed I inserted some valium vaginally.  I have also been taking diazepam 2mg t.i.d. as recommended by Dr.   Just before retiring I did some icing.

April 20 … Easter Sunday – Very little pain.  Thank you Lord.  I did go to church.

April 5, 2014 – Many people ask me … “How are you Angela“?   Recently I felt that God was prompting me to “get off” all pain medications.  This is tough to do when what I feel several times a day are penetrating needles and fire.  But the sense that God was/is directing me to stop these medications was so powerful that I felt obliged to obey.
Today is Day #13 with no pain medication.  I am coping with ice/heat and hot baths and TRUE REST.  I am not out of pain, but during the day my pain levels are between 1-4 (most times).  Last Tuesday I even had almost a full day of NO PAIN!  WHAT JOY!  It is in the late evening that I struggle the most.  This is common for those suffering with chronic pain.  However, even over these last two weeks, I’ve been able to manage the worst pain with ice/heat/baths.  For this I am grateful as my mind is now clear.
Unless you’ve been on any strong pain killer for any length of time, you would have no idea how liberating it is to be FREE of these drugs.  I had been on painkillers for over 1 year.  That is how, the many days when I had a commitment but also had pain I’d been able to leave my home occasionally and either take out a client, go to church/sing, go to an event, a restaurant or any other “outside thing” I’ve wanted to do.  However, I truly had no “clear” idea of what these drugs were doing to me.  Yes they gave me some liberty to leave the house, be social, etc., but at what cost? 
I began withdrawing from them two Sundays ago on March 24th.  God was merciful to me during my detox as my withdrawal symptoms were mild.  Toward day 5 (during detox) I began to feel alive and clear headed once again.  I then went back and read some emails I had generated and could clearly see how my mind (and normally efficient self) was so impaired.  I Praise God for the inner strength and ability to be released from these drugs.  I know there are many people who have no choice but to remain on them, and for those people I/we need to remember to pray.
So now what?  Well I continue to feel that God is directing me to TOTALLY STOP and take time to heal in the proper way.  Since this all began on Oct.12, 2012 (1 day before my birthday) I have not truly stopped.  One of the reasons for that though is that, honestly, until recently we REALLY didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with.
Remember this is an invisible affliction.  You can not tell by looking at me that I am in pain.  But now that we know what we’re dealing with, This means total rest, ONLY LIGHT HOUSEWORK (which is what I do anyway) preparation of simple meals and immersing myself in HIM.  What is God doing?  I don’t know, but I know he is purging, molding and conforming me to the image of His Son. 
Please don’t think I’m trying to sound brave and or holy or any good thing.  This is the hardest (and longest) trial I’ve ever been through but I can see that God is faithful and He IS carrying me through it.  Nothing will affect you like constant pain.  Nothing!  But, God has put wonderful people in my life (you know who you are) to bolster me, to encourage me, to come alongside me, to pray for me, to help me laugh when I want to cry and to remind me of the Faithfulness of God.  He has given me the best caregiver in my husband Pard. 
But God’s command to me now seems to be:  “Come apart, shut the door and just BE WITH ME for I have things to show you, and I will be with you.  I am not going to tell you ahead of time where you are going or what your future holds and/or that “you will be healed”, just like I didn’t tell Abraham where he was going, (Genesis 12) but you must continue to trust me in this season of your life.  I still have work for you to do, and I will lead you!

And so today as I read Streams … I had confirmation of the thoughts I’ve shared above.   AWESOME!


Thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons” (2 Kings 4:4).

They were to be alone with God, for they were not dealing with the laws of nature, nor human government, nor the church, nor the priesthood, nor even with the great prophet of God, but they must needs be isolated from all creatures, from all leaning circumstances, from all props of human reason, and swung off, as it were, into the vast blue inter-stellar space, hanging on God alone, in touch with the fountain of miracles.
Here is a part in the programme of God’s dealings, a secret chamber of isolation in prayer and faith which every soul must enter that is very fruitful.
There are times and places where God will form a mysterious wall around us, and cut away all props, and all the ordinary ways of doing things, and shut us up to something Divine, which is utterly new and unexpected, something that old circumstances do not fit into, where we do not know just what will happen, where God is cutting the cloth of our lives on a new pattern, where He makes us look to Himself.
Most religious people live in a sort of treadmill life, where they can calculate almost everything that will happen, but the souls that God leads out into immediate and special dealings, He shuts in where all they know is that God has hold of them, and is dealing with them, and their expectation is from Him alone.
Like this widow, we must be detached from outward things and attached inwardly to the Lord alone in order to see His wonders.  –Soul Food
In the sorest trials God often makes the sweetest discoveries of Himself.  –Gems
“God sometimes shuts the door and shuts us in, That He may speak, perchance through grief or pain, And softly, heart to heart, above the din, May tell some precious thought to us again.”
AND SO…. I WANT TO SEE GOD’S WONDERS.  God is dealing with me.  For what purpose?  Only he knows.  But I know one thing for sure.  
I don’t want to miss what he is doing.
I am praying that my heart and faith will be “as sound as a bell”, and that I would have the victory and splendor of an unbroken patience.
In His PRECIOUS Time . . .
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April 1, 2014 –It’s been almost 9 full days that I have been off the pain medication now.  It took about 3-4 days to “clear my head”.  I did not have very bad withdrawal symptoms.  My dosage wasn’t that much.  5-535 Oxy.  BUT, now that I’m off it I can see how “doped up” I was.  How anesthetized I was.  I was in a fog.  I guess in a way I wanted to be in a fog.  I didn’t want to feel any pain.  I was afraid that if the pain began an I didn’t stop it, it would “set itself up” and just continue to get worse.  The good news is that now I’ve been off these 8 days and except for one evening (Saturday evening – a day I had quests) I had only mild pain, and certainly nothing I couldn’t live with.  This afternoon, except for this very very tired feeling I have, I felt almost normal.  I still have the urgency type feeling, but not all the time.  I am going to continue on with my plan of rest, light housekeeping and will begin to take a stroll (not a walk) on nice days  I’m so ready for spring.  Could it be Lord that I’m healing?  Could it be?

March 24, 2014 – Monday – Wow it’s been a long time since I posted.  I’m not sure why really, but I suspect it’s because this is all so difficult and impossible to believe that I’ve been mostly homebound and/or in some ways incapacitated since October 12, 2012.  But this IS my reality now.  Sometimes, no most of the time now I just get so tired of thinking about this whole thing, let alone write about it.  But I must begin again.

The bad news is that I still have the pain.  For the last three months, except for a few occasions, (and usually with the help of a narcotic) I’ve been flat on my back.  I get up to groom myself, do a little light housework, cook something or take a bath.   In the past 3 months I have ventured out, either to take out a client or to simply go to a restaurant with friends.   I decided last week not to take out clients anymore.  I had already made the decision to refer out listing inquiries that came in.  I have given away (as far as I can figure 75 to 80K worth of commissions.

I rarely go to church anymore because of the sitting.  I got to t.v. church.  Of course its not the same at all.    I used to serve in the music ministry at church and loved it.  I am a soloist, have even recorded a world class CD, held concerts and have sung at countless events over the last 20 years of my life.  But now it seems my life as I knew it has come to a screeching halt!  Sometimes I feel far from the Lord, but those are just emotions.  When I do go to church, I stand for the worship and then go way up in the balcony and lay down on the benches for the rest of the time.  I don’t linger much after the service.  Mostly I don’t want to have to answer the people’s questions.  They simply don’t understand.  “HOW” can I be so sick when I look so normal.  What they don’t know is that I work very hard to “look normal”.  I plaster a smile on my face knowing full well that really only a handful of people very close to me really can handle and/or understand the truth of what’s going on.  It’s very very hard for people to understand.  The old proverb, “unless you’ve walk a mile in my shoes, etc.” applies big time here.  The possibility is very real that I may have to have some dreadful pudendal nerve surgery, which is very risky with no guarantees of success.  I’m scared.

March 23, 2014 – This morning (Sunday) at about 10:30 I had a scare.  I felt something like an electrical shock (like voltage) that quick as lightening traveled up my spine through the back of my neck and all the way to the top of my head.  It was followed immediately by a very sharp knife like pain in the middle of my left ear which traveled across to the middle of my left check.  The episode lasted about 30 seconds and it was excruciating.  Truly.  I cried out to God “oh Lord” please, not this, I can’t take this Lord, I will truly want to die, I can’t bear this kind of pain.  Later on I had tiny glimmers of the ear pain but mostly it all went away.  BUT right then and there I had the sense that I had to GET OFF THE PERCOSET, and I purposed to do do.  I don’t know whether that thought came from me, or the Lord, but it seemed something I had to do.

January 8, 2014 – I mentioned a while back I met a woman named Judy Rentz online.  I have helped her create a blog.  She has had the PNE surgery.  Dr. Stanley Antolakperformed that surgery and so far she is doing well.

January 1, 2014 – Wednesday – No pain upon waking.  This is a classic sign of PNE.  Sat in large green recliner for perhaps an hour.  Recliner is comfy but still had vaginal (clitoral) pain after about 1 hour.   Got up walked around a bit, the took “CALM” (the purple pill a/k/a pp).  Back in recliner now with heating pad on genital area.  Feeling better.  I just don’t want to take the narcotic.  Hubby has gone down to spend sometime with the children and grandchildren.  I’m in my new “blogspot” … the big green chair upstairs in the Den.  I am in no pain right now.  Praise The Lord!  I’m listening to beautiful music with my mind “stayed” on the LORD.  What a friend we have in Jesus!


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Interstitial Cystitis


COMFORT ~ SPIRITUAL / Music Instrumental soft Piano Healing Music Quiet Time With GOD Soaking Piano Music Deep Prayer Music Instrumental Hymns COMFORT ~ PHYSICAL COMFORT ~ EMOTIONAL INFORMATIONAL INFO PELVIC PAIN REHAB (my favorite online resource) Jennifer’s success story: NO SURGERY WHAT PN and/or PNE is all abouHealth Unlocked (A health informational site) DOCTORS WHO SPECIALIZE and/or OPERATE ON PNE Dr. Aaron Filler: California (YouTube) Dr. Michael Hibner: Omeha NE (YouTube) Dr. Antolak – Center For Urologic and Pelvic Pain

images-2Sufferers of IC/PN and/or PNEJudy’s Youtube Video SUGGESTIONS FROM PEOPLE WHO’VE HAD SOME RELIEF Osteopath PRODUCTS Recliner pillow: laptop table: World of Pain is a private one. It’s one in which you feel enclosed in a different world. (Adapted from: Jane Grayshon’s book A Harvest From Pain).Pain has an honest, Job-like way of confronting your conceptions about faith, cost and God’s economy. “It strips away the house and makes you look at the foundation”   Source: Avant Ministries


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