What To Say To SomeOne in Pain

The genesis of PAIN can be born out of chronic illness or disease, or any emotional trauma, or unexpected crisis.  Until I experienced long term severe and ongoing pain of my own, I was never really clear on how to help a person in pain.  This little booklet is an effort to address an issue which is often misunderstood.

What to say to someone in pain

  1. Listen
  2. Listen some more
  3. Don’t ask “is there anything I can do”?  Just think of something lovely and do it.  (See the do section below)
  4. If it’s someone you are close with put a reminder on your calendar not to forget them and do something nice again and again until they are well.  (See the ideas section below)
  5. Pray for them (privately)
  6. Pray with them
  7. Offer them hope and encouragement.  How?  See *** Below
  8. Dreams have not vanished

What to do for someone in pain

  1. Get Well Card *
  2. Email
  3. Sunshine basket* (Ideas below)
  4. Drop off a gift at their door.  Don’t ring the bell, just leave it
  5. Buy them a new lounging garment or robe
  6. Laughter

What NOT to do for someone in pain

  1. Forget them
  2. Call*
  3. Drop by*
  4. Bring food*
  5. Exclaim “but you look wonderful” !
  6. What I’ve learned by being in pain