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Soak your nuts

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Did You Know Series: Tip #991

NUTS should be soaked before eating. What?  Soak Your Nuts – Did you know that by soaking your nuts beforehand you can improve the nutritional value by as much as 300%.  Source: Nourishing Gourmet..

Exerpted from Astrology Club: We are going to keep this easy. For a more detailed guide, there are many excellent books published with charts. See the Resources Guide.

Soaking is very important.   In nature, nuts and seeds are protected with an enzyme inhibitor. During the spring rains, this inhibitor is washed away and the nut or seed starts to germinate and sprout.   When we eat nuts and seeds with the enzyme inhibitor still intact, we are just giving the body more work to do.   In addition, when the sprouting process starts, the nut or seed starts to predigest itself.   The carbohydrates are turned into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids, and fats into fatty acids.

There is more!   The nutrition can increase up to 300%.  Basically all you have to do is cover your nuts or seeds with filtered water (twice as much water), and let sit over night.   Nuts take a little longer, 12 hours is good.  Now rinse them very good, put into a colander and cover with a towel, and put in a dark place where they can breathe.   Good use for the microwave!   If you have not unplugged your microwave yet, now is a good time to do it.   If your microwave is plugged in, how is anything put into it going to come out alive?

Now they can begin sprouting. Be sure to leave the door open so they can get lots of air. You can also leave them on the kitchen counter with a towel over them. Let them sit for 12 hours, rinse, and use. You can store sprouted nuts and seeds in the refrigerator for a week.

From: Astrology
Quick and Easy Chart Primer and guideline for seed soaking times.  A great resource

Another great resource:
Phytic and Enzyme Inhibitors in Nuts, Grains, Beans and Seeds