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What is Agave and how do I use it #899

Do you know about safe food storage Did You Know Series: Tip #899

What is it?   Read more here ~ AGAVE

Agave NectarHOW TO USE IT ~ Agave – 3 parts agave = 4 parts sugar.  So use either 3 teaspoons of Agave or 4 teaspoons of sugar.   Or 3/4 cup agave = 1 cup sugar, and so on.

It’s expensive, but if you’re watching your carbs it’s better than sugar.    Dr. Weil (at his site)

recommends a 1 to 4 ratio, but I find that’s just not sweet enough to replace a recipe that calls for sugar.  Experiment to suit your own taste buds.  My recommendation came from the packaging from the label attached to the bottle.  Visit their website for lots of info.