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Wigs For Thin Hair For Women Over 50 You Have Options


wigs-for-thin-hair-for-women-over-50-you-have-optionsIf someone had told me 5 years ago I’d be writing an article entitled “wigs for thin hair for women over 50 you have options”, I would have laughed.   That’s because I thought if a woman over 50 had thin hair, she would just have to learn to live with it.  It was her “lot in life”.  In the past, if I saw a woman with a wig I remember thinking how fake and weird it looked.  I remember laughing at the thought of myself ever putting one of those “mops” on my head.  Well, I’m not laughing now, but I am smiling because what began as a dark storm in my life developed into a sky full of clouds with amazing silver linings.  I would soon realize that wigs had come a long way from the times of my youth and that YES, wigs were a great alternative for a balding head and better still “you have options” … SO.MANY.OPTIONS!

MY BRIEF STORY:   You see, a while back an unexpected illness transformed me from enjoying a full active life to becoming bedridden with a rare and chronic illness.  Seemingly overnight, I began losing my own hair and so out of necessity I began searching on google for “wigs for thin hair for women over 50”.  I was heading into my 60s looking at lifeless thin hair in the mirror and sighed at the thought of having to buy a wig or some other hairpiece as an alternative to balding. Growing up my hair type was never luxurious or extra full and thick but like so many women what once was at minimum a full head of hair suddenly (or what seemed sudden), the thinning areas were becoming more and more obvious.  In my case, I did not know what type of hair loss I was suffering from or what form of hair loss I would experience but I knew I had to learn about the alternative to balding.

Thoughts related to having to wear wigs for thin hair would race through my mind such as:

  • Would I suffer total Hair loss?
  • Was my situation caused by alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, hormonal imbalances, or female pattern baldness?
  • I wondered if my thinning crown would be permanent or temporary?
  • Would I be doomed to a lifetime wearing wigs for my thin hair and unbecoming thinning fine hair and bald patches? The frightening thing was that I did not know whether the situation would become severe hair loss, or partial hair loss and/or how much of my existing hair I would eventually lose. One thing was clear though, I needed to address my problem quickly.  I did a lot of research before deciding whether to buy a hair piece, a topper, or a full wig. In my case, and to my delight, I found what I thought was a great option and eventually many great options.

Wigs For Thin Hair For Women Over 50 are as follows:


  • HAIRPIECES (includes falls) – Hair Pieces There is good news. There is a great solution to the problems or any thin hair problem I’ve mentioned above.
  • Extensions
  • Toppers
  • Full Wigs

Below is my journey of some of my first purchases of “wigs for thin hair” and the enormous world of wig products as an alternative for balding:

My 1st Purchase: My very first purchase of “alternative hair” was not a wig for thin hair.  It was a hairpiece.  Hairpieces can be things like “falls”, clip-on ponies, or even amazing realistic (human hairpieces) which are pieces that sit on top of the head.  It could also be called a “top piece” They are kind of like having half wigs and are amazingly realistic.  If you watch movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s you see a lot of head pieces.  I used to think those women had such lush hair.  I’m confident many of them were wearing a hairpiece.

Angela wearing Headband Straight Fall Wig by Toni Brattin
Headband Straight Fall Wig by Toni Brattin

The picture below shows what we used to call a “Fall”. It is a long top that was attached to a headband. At that time, it proved to be my best choice because I knew so little about the world of wigs and honestly it was what I’d call a seamless transition between my thinning scalp and acceptable hair.  It was a hair piece called a “Headband Fall” which I purchased from Toni Brattin and at the time a better match for a neophyte purchase.  That hair piece was also the easiest way (and still is) for me to achieve a believable and satisfactory look.

I found that the fall was also suitable for daily wear. and such an excellent option that I’ve purchased three of them so far.  I felt that it gave me a more natural look.  In the wig world we frequently say “put a headband on your head and NO ONE will think wig”.   If you’d like to see the full review of the fall, click on the graphic (taken from my YouTube Channel).

My 2nd Purchase: Was hair extensions. I didn’t do a video and it was such a fail that I didn’t take any pictures.  It was a waste of money for me and I never used them.  I should note that crown extensions did not work for me because my hair had become too thin to hide the combs that “snap” the piece to the scalp. I could always see those combs.

Zoey By Envy
Zoey By Envy

My 3rd Purchase was a full wig. I remember contacting a well-known retailer for a free consultation. I would highly recommend seeking a free wig consult for anyone who wants to learn about what kind of wig is best for them. I knew nothing about wigs. NOTHING! But I knew I had to have the “right wig”.   After a while and asking a few pointed questions (and I’m sure I sounded very ignorant) I decided to purchase “Zoey, by Envy”.  You can see it pictured here.  Zoey has a beautifully done side-swept fringer (or curtain bang), and shoulder-length style.  Mono Top construction and Hand-Tied sides and back create one of the most true-to-life looks on the market. And our exclusive EnvyHair™ blend of 30% human hair and 70% heat-friendly fibers let you curl, straighten, and blow-dry just like your natural hair!  I purchased Zoey for about $700.00 and she now retails for over $1000.00. 

They even added some “gifts” inside like a wig cap, and combs to sew on the inside of the wig to help make a better fit.  I later learned that these types of “gifts” are often included in the higher-end wigs.  The full review of that wig

My eyes fell on those words monofilament wigs, (what?!)  I’d have to learn more about that.  Alternative hair can be created as synthetic wigs, meaning they are created from synthetic fiber.

Paula Young TopperMy Fourth Purchase: was a crown topper. Toppers are great to achieve a fuller look but with very low maintenance. and are a perfect alternative for balding. They are perfect and easy to apply “right out of the box”.  A top hairpiece can be human hair toppers, made out of real human hair.

I purchased a few when I was new to wigs, but my knowledge was so limited that the perfect topper seemed elusive to me.  I was determined however to learn about an alternative to balding.

There are so many retailers and brands of wigs as an alternative for balding and the problem of thin hair for women over 50, 60, or any age. Unfortunately, there was not a hair supply store near me, so the best way, and actually what became a great way to gain product knowledge was to scour YouTube looking at synthetic hair wigs, real hair wigs, and natural wigs made out of actual hair. As I watched hours and hours of video I could see there was no perfect solution. Some people liked toppers, some hair pieces, some loved extensions, and others relied on a full wig. I remember that the natural human hair wigs were so believable BUT they were so pricey.

Over the years I have purchased many wigs.  Some I love, some I don’t but I have learned a lot through the entire process. 

Wigs for thin hair for women have come a long way and I hope by now you can see that you do have options.  I must say that Jon Renau is one of my favorite wig brands … their monofilament tops are among the best available. A monofilament top gives the appearance of a natural scalp and is an excellent solution to thinning hair. It’s amazing to me how individual strands of hair peek out from among their beautifully designed lace front wigs.  Virtually every spring or fall new product rollouts hit the market. You can see these new collections by visiting the landing page of many well-known and trusted wig manufacturers or retailers. I’ve listed some of my favorites Brands of Wigs for you below:

Wigs For Thin Hair For Women Over 50 You Have Options:

BELOW ARE SOME BRANDS I LOVE offering great styles of wigs for thin hair and where to purchase them. Many retailers offer coupons and even free shipping.

PURCHASE AT LA Wig Company * Coupon Codes Subject To Change

  • Amor
  • Ellen Willie
  • Envy
  • Estetica
  • Jon Renau
  • Noriko
  • Raquel Welch
  • Rene of Paris

PURCHASE AT Vogue Wigs * Coupon Codes Subject To Change

  • BelleTress
  • Hairdo
  • Henry Margu
  • EasiHair
  • Paula Young
  • Toni Brattin (Fantastic Hairpieces and Falls)
  • TressAllure


Wigs For Thin Hair For Women Over 50 You Have Options:  I also wondered:

What are the best wigs out there for women with thin hair after 50? What were the different types of wigs? There really is so much to know and that is why you need wisdom and understanding. Was there a comprehensive guide anywhere I could follow? I needed to learn about things like the “natural hairline” of wigs. I had no idea there were various sizes of wigs?  One oF my first purchases was a wig that was way too tight. I didn’t realize the importance of accurately measuring for a wig and wouldn’t have a clue of how to go about it. Here is a video I posted on YouTube with some easy steps to follow. I needed to learn about color options and if my current style would be available in a wig.   I could write a book on the subject of understanding wig colors.  There is a lot to know.  Did you know that there are even wigs that you can use a flat iron on and/or other hair tools? I also learned that a lace front wig was optimal but lace front lace wigs were pricey!

The last thing I want to address is that “FEMALE HAIR LOSS IS NOT UNCOMMON”

Excerpted: Cleveland Clinic: Hair thinning is more common than you think. According to the Cleveland Clinic, many people think that hair loss only affects men. However, it is estimated that female hair loss strikes more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss. The most significant cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss (FPHL), which affects about one-third of susceptible women, which translates to some 30 million women in the United States. Which women are likely to experience hair loss? Any girl or woman can be affected by hair loss. However, it is usually more common in Women older than 40. Women who have just had babies. Women who have had chemotherapy and those who have been affected by other medications. Women often have hairstyles that pull on the hair (like tight ponytails or tight braids) or use harsh chemicals on their hair. Menopausal women.

I hope this blog post has helped a little with your understanding of the subject “Wigs For Thin Hair For Women Over 50 You Have Options”.  It was fun taking a stroll down memory lane.  I still have so much to learn but at least what I’ve learned I’ve been able to share with you.  Happy Wig Hunting, and remember to always look for the silver linings for they truly are everywhere.

wigs for thin hair angela wearing Kristin
Wearing Kristin by Jon Renau in Color #60

Please note: I am not a wig retailer but from time to time I do sell from my private collection of gently used wigs

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