Estetica's Orchid in Lilac Haze Silver Grey and or White Hair AND Wigs for Seniors.  Who knew that I would ever be writing I am this subject, but here I am.

Hi … I’m Angela!  Welcome to the page on my website where I show (and sometimes sell) some beautiful and well-priced grey wigs for women over 50.  I began using wigs about 3 years ago after suffering the effects of a chronic condition that landed me in bed for 9 months.  Shortly after that time, I began losing my hair.  I had to learn about wigs fast and I bought a lot of them not really knowing what I was doing.  So now I’ve become a wig reviewer and well, honestly I can only use so many wigs.  I hope you find something you can use here.  Most of these grey wigs for sale were never worn by me but simply used for the review. There are some great buys at my store.  You can find me on YouTube.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the link.  By the way, I also talk about how I care for my skin on this site, along with other beauty over 50 topics.

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I hope you’ll find that this is one of the best and most comprehensive articles on the internet!

When I began my wig journey into wearing wigs, I never thought that I would come to love them.  My YouTube Channel name is “Silver Linings” and those two words truly sum up my lessons from my experience with wigs.  So … Below are a few of my thoughts after a few years of searching for, buying, and wearing silver, grey, and/or white wigs.

First, I will share the things I like and/or really love about wig-wearing, and then after that, I’ll tell what the things I don’t like.

Some Things I LOVE about wearing wigs in the sought-after color “grey”:

Grey Wigs Have Your Best Hair Day Ever❤ Your hair will ALWAYS look great!   Of course, we always want to look our best but think about the last wedding, anniversary dinner, dance, important business meeting with high-end clients, or any other time you really wanted to look great.  You took special pains with your hair.  Washed it, conditioned it, styled it, and you were so happy with how it looked.  Two or three hours later you visit the powder room, look in the mirror and what was a beautifully coiffed head of hair has once again become a big disappointment.  Put a wig on and your hair will look great from the moment you walk out the door until you take it off hours later.  IT IS SO FREEING!  You can even laugh at the rain !!!!   BONUS:  There are countless wigs that we call “shake & go”.  Right out of the box you give them a shake, place them on your head, comb (sometimes only finger combing is needed) and go out the door!  I’m not kidding, it’s so freeing.

❤  It’s been proven that wig-wearing gives our natural hair a break, even protecting it and encouraging new growth.  Who knew!  Your hair may even experience stronger and longer regrowth.  To take care of your natural hair choose wigs that allow your scalp to breathe under the wig.  Buy your silver grey white wigs with Open Wefted Caps help to keep scalp coolLook for terms like “open-wefted” and “lace front” wigs.  Lace front wigs will cost more but they are absolutely worth the price.

❤  TIMESAVERS: Not only will you save time, but you will also look like you just walked out of your favorite salon.  Think of all the time you’ve spent on your hair over the years.  I still have natural hair.  and I’ve embedded a link to The “Dyson Blow Dryer” I use and honestly, it takes me a full hour (sometimes more) to achieve the volume and style I want.  I love my Dyson but sometimes it’s easier to just slap on a wig and call it a day!

❤  If you head over to my YouTube Channel you can see how many different looks you can achieve.  Most of us grow tired of the same old hairstyle.  Wigs are a way for you to venture out of your comfort zone and maybe even wear a color or style you’ve been dreaming of.  Want bangs but don’t want to cut your hair?  Buy a wig.  Want long hair but don’t want to wait 3-5 years, look at something like Orchid by Estetica!

❤  Finally my #1 reason for wearing wigs is to disguise my thinning hair.  I’ve read that there are tens of millions of women who suffer from hair loss.  It visits both the young and the old.  I can tell you from experience, that it is emotionally challenging to look in the mirror and see a scalp where you once had hair.  I’m thankful that today’s technology helps us to once again feel like we can look good, even glamorous again! I TRULY LOVE WIGS!


❤  There seems to be a “stigma” or dare I say it, shame or embarrassment about wig-wearing.  I truly don’t know where this almost dehumanizing behavior of society originated.  I think some of it could be the feeling that others might think we are trying to be something we are not, or “putting on airs”  as if you’re better than other people — wealthier, better dressed, etc. or maybe it’s just a simple case of embarrassment that we are, in fact losing our hair whether that’s due to illness or for many of us just a sign of aging.  For most of us who are new to wig-wearing, it usually takes a lot of courage to go out in public the first few times.  We feel like we have a big sign on our heads “I HAVE A WIG ON CAN YOU TELL”?

❤  Wigs can be uncomfortably warm.  I am not going to lie.  YES!  Depending on what wig you purchase they can be quite warm.  So, you must plan ahead.  If it is summer, wear a short, light, “pixie” type wig.  Many wigs today are quite lightweight.  They are what is called “open-wefted” meaning there is quite a lot of room for air movement.  You’ll be surprised how far along the technology has come.  Let’s face it, a wig is basically a “hair hat” so you have to expect some amount of warmth.  If you are bald I doubt this is a problem, but if you are like me and have hair, you don’t want to be perspiring in your wig.  Wear a wig suitable for the occasion and the weather.  There are SO MANY to choose from today.

❤ Most wigs that are very believable are expensive.  I’m telling you the truth, they are.  Of course, what is expensive to one may be a bargain for another, and vice versa, but good wigs don’t come cheap.

❤ You will feel like you are exploring uncharted territory.  There truly is a learning curve to gaining what I call enough “wig wisdom” to make an intelligent choice in the selectionAre you new to wigs Wig Wisdom how to make an intelligent choice of your best silver, grey, or white wig.  The knowledge is not easily accessible.  It’s out there, but when you are new to wig buying it’s difficult to know where to start, who to trust, and who are the reputable companies with which to do business.   I’ll be expanding on that subject in a future article.

One more thing:  I’m not going to tell you that wearing wigs saves money.  Time yes, money NO!   If you want a well-fitting, realistic-looking wig, a quality cap, and natural-looking hair it will come at a price.  I’ve read other articles online stating that wearing wigs can save you money.   I disagree and I’m making a “note to self” to write another article regarding my full reasons for asserting my position.  I will tell you though that with careful planning and some “wig wisdom” there are ways to purchase quality wigs at affordable prices.  That’s a topic for another day!


I’m finding that men are fellow wig wearers too!  I have some followers on YouTube who are men.  I guess I’m guilty of the expression “living under a rock”.  I lived 59 years before ever looking into what I thought was the underworld of wigs.  Like countless women, they are contributing to the multi-billion dollar business of the wig industry.

Adrienne Gibbs Contributing Editor at FORBES – writes “The hair wig and extension industry is a multi-billion dollar business. U.S. women shell out from $40 for inexpensive, synthetic hair to $700 or more for high-end, “virgin” or non-chemically-treated hair sold or donated by Indian women. In the U.S. alone, the industry brought in $192 million in the last year, according to IBISWorld.

Men are eschewing toupees and going for full wigs.  They purchase quality women’s wigs, such as Rene of Paris which is quite a fashion-forward and quality brand.  I have purchased many Rene of Paris Wigs and feature my reviews of them here on my YouTube Channel.

Many people wonder what men think about their wives or their significant other wearing a wig.  What is their opinion?  I can tell you that my husband loves my natural hair, which over the last 10 years has transitioned from a salt/pepper blended color to now just about all white.  However, he also loves how I look in my longer wigs.  He absolutely supported my decision to go grey.  One day he was reading the newspaper and told me about a new book called “Going Gray, How to Embrace Your Authentic Self” by Anne Kreamer.  I purchased the book that very day.  When I see it sitting on my bookshelf I just smile and think how very far we’ve all come in this old world of ours.

What do men think about grey hairIn times past, grey meant old, now silver and greys are trendy and it has been said are “The new blonde”.  I agree.  Even people much younger than I are opting to transition to grey and even going gray on purpose at a much younger age.  These beautiful silver, grey, and white wig choices are abundant now and there is no end in sight.  When I first began searching for silver grey and white wigs, hairpieces, or toppers they were difficult to find.  I spent countless hours looking!

I will also share that I’ve seen improvements in the technology in just these last three years that I’ve worn wigs.  I’m amazed when I open up the box containing my new wig and often will gasp at the realism of the piece.  Today synthetic wigs have the look and feel of real hair!

Are you new to wigs Wig Wisdom how to make an intelligent choiceA quick word about human hair wigs.  I don’t own one, and I doubt I ever will.  From what I understand, they take a lot of care.  They are quite expensive and honestly, I think that the synthetic fibers of today are so realistic I don’t see the need to shell out the money for human hair.  However, as they say, “you do you”!  Whatever you choose, synthetic, or human hair, just remember to get some wig wisdom BEFORE YOU BUY, take your time, and get a bit of an education.

Just do it!  You’ll feel a little self-conscious at first (we all did) but I promise over time, you’ll never look back AND you’ll see The Silver Lining in the world of wigs.

All My Best For All The Rest,
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