A Lesser Faded Version of our Previous Self

UPDATE: Cindy Joseph passed away from cancer Thursday July 12, 2018.

I ran straight to the hair salon to cover the signs of my own aging
  If you are a mature woman, have you yet heard of Cindy Joseph? I found her talk about aging so interesting, so I’ve embedded it here.  Watch as Cindy Joseph shares how we were told that eventually we would be past our prime, over the hill and sent out to pasture.  We would become invisible.  This is a great talk.

Along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Cindy Joseph was one of the first women I noticed who let her hair grey grow out.  Cindy has a particularly interesting story in that she started as a supermodel at 49 and was one of the first women I noticed who did not let her age stand in her way. Instead, she celebrated it.

Like Cindy, I started graying in my early 30s, and like Cindy, I ran straight to the hair salon to cover the signs of my own aging.  Well, actually truth be told, I colored it at home because in those days I couldn’t afford the salon.  At some point over the last decade, the word “Authentic” became a much-repeated buzzword.  Was I authentic?  What did that mean exactly?

Cindy’s claim to fame is that one day she was approached by a casting agent for a major fashion campaign.  At this time in Cindy’s life, she was sporting her silver hair. The rest, as they say, is history.  Cindy is now famous all over the world and has a wonderful line of products called BOOM Pro-Age Line of Makeup for women of every generation.

Below are some Notes from Cindy’s talk:

  • Cindy Encourages us that we can become older with enthusiasm and pride
  • The Shift: We started believing that as time went by we would become a lesser faded version of our previous self.  That we would be past your prime, over the hill, washed up. We watched our elders become invisible.
  • Do you fear to tell your age?  Assuming people would see us as having limitations.
  • Imaginary peak “the prime of life” …
  • Our society has hit an all-time high of “ageisms” ….
  • I was becoming happier, healthier, wiser … I was becoming AUTHENTICALLY me.
  • Getting older does not mean getting worse.
  • Covering the sign of my own aging.
  • Approached by a casting agent and asked to model for a worldwide fashion campaign.
  • She called her grey hair “silver” to give it the value and recognition it deserved.
  • She named the movement for silver hair “The pro age revolution” was born.


Cindy is 63. We, baby boomers, have reinvented every decade of our lives. We have proven that as life continues we become smarter, wiser, more self-knowledge, we continue to have adventures, challenges and continue to live a passionate life.  All these negative viewpoints are “make-believe”. So like the food pyramid, we will turn this “graph of life” pyramid on its end and you will become “more” not less. Life expands and expands and it’s an UPHILL journey all the way. Celebrate your life at every single age. You are just as vital at whatever age you are now as you always have been. Aging is simply another word for living.

I love this lady.

Cindy Joseph @ STORY from chuckumentary on Vimeo.

It will inspire and encourage you.

Photo by claudiadea131 on Foter.com / CC BY