A nutritional comparison of Kale | Brussel Sprouts and Cabbage

Do you know about safe food storage Did You Know Series: Tip #885 ~ What an interesting study comparing these three greens.

Thought you’d be interested in this comparison that I did:   

Cabbage, Kale or Brussel Sprouts … they are all . . . in the cruciferous family.  But LOOK at the differences (below).  What’s THAT you say?  You hate Brussel Sprouts.  Well you’ve got lots of company.  We just never knew how to cook them.  Most people boil them to death and that brings out (according to Alton Brown) some kind of evil smell and slimy consistency to this otherwise scrumptous and “good for you cancer fighting food”.  Go here to learn how to cook them.  I love them roasted, and it only takes about 15-20 minutes.

 Cabbage Nutritional Information

Brussel_Sprouts_1_cup - Nutritional Informationkale_1_cup - nutritional information

Ingredients Amount cal fat carbs Fiber Sodium Protein
Brussels 2 Cups 130 1.2 25.8 12.8 46 11.2
Cabbage 2 cups 69 0 16.4 2.8 382 2
Kale 2 cups 68 1 13.4 2.6 58 4.4

I’m have learned to LOVE LOVE LOVE Brussel Sprouts and all kinds of greens.   

But in closing you may want to click on the chart below.  You’ll be taken to Dr. Fuhrman’s info on Nutrition.  He has amazing things to share, especially about Kale.  He calls Kale “The New Beef”.  I have come to LOVE Kale, Brussel Sprouts and Cabbage, and my bowels have never been better.  That’s saying a LOT from a gal who has almost always had a problem with chronic constipation and taken every laxative, and colon cleansing kind of thing know to mankind.   


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