Alternative Hair

A couple of years back, (due to health issues), I began losing my hair.  While it was very difficult to process that this was happening to me I came to understand that it wasn’t the end of being able to look attractive.  My professional and personal life places me “up front and center” quite often so naturally (okay I admit it) I want to look as well-groomed and pleasing to look at as possible.  We women ALL care about our hair, which is often referred to as “our crown of glory”.  Some of us are more glorious than others, but I truly felt challenged by my hair loss.

Many women have gone down the road before me and I quickly realized that “thanks to the internet”, there is a wealth of information for women, like me who are beginning to or have totally lost their hair.  It’s one thing for a man to lose his hair, but for us women, it is especially difficult.  It is even more difficult when ones’ career and/or personal interests include standing on a stage.  I was relieved that my hair loss didn’t mean that I would have to walk around bald or with big patches of my scalp showing.  However, the learning curve was huge. There is a lot to know about the world of “alternative hair” also known as wigs, hairpieces, extensions, etc. 

Wigs, or alternative hair, have come such a long since the days of our mothers and grandmothers.  I didn’t want to simply walk into a wig store and start trying on wigs.  I started watching youtube videos and watched everything that seemed to apply to my situation.  Because my hair is naturally silver, I was looking for silver, grey or white wigs. 

However, the more videos I watched the more I realize how little I knew.  As I continued my self-education I decided to begin a youtube channel to help other women like myself.  Without my knowing it, hundreds of women (and some men) began watching my reviews.  One day I opened up my YouTube Video analytics and was astonished to see that my channel was obviously filling a need.  So part of my website now houses some content to coordinate with my youtube channel.  is a resource to keep track of silver, grey and white wigs I was searching for.  

I hope my research and the trying on of some “alternative hair” helps you save some time and money.  AND … It’s not the end of the world to lose your hair.