Carolyn’s Figure Friendly Low Fat Cheesecake

Low fat no sugar cheesecake

FOR ONE PIE: Carolyn’s Crumbs Geletin Figure Friendly Cheesecake

  1. 1.5 CUPS cottage cheese (I used 1% lowfat)
  2. 2 packages non fat unsweetened jello (or market brand) strawberry flavor
  3. 1 graham cracker crust
  4. 2 cups strawberries (more or less to your taste)

THE NIGHT BEFORE or very early in the day you want to eat the pie

  1. Make one of the boxes of jello
  2. Pour it into a blender with the cottage cheese
  3. Pour it into the pie crust
  4. Cover and put in fridge

THE NEXT DAY (about 5 hours after you made the pie)

  1. Cut up your strawberries and arrange on top of pie
  2. Make the other box of jello and pour it over the top of the strawberries
  3. Put back in fridge to set up
  4. Serve with cool whip, or whipped cream

Of course you could use whatever fruit you like

You can watch the vid here on how to make it: