Leftover Sourdough Snack

I usually only make one loaf of bread per week, so I quite often will have more sourdough starter than I need.
I bake bread with Einkorn Flour and Einkorn flour is pricey so I really don’t like throwing away my leftover starter. What to do??
Watch the video below.

I followed Mike’s instruction to make that little fried dough but it was a bit on the “thick” side for me. Delicious but very thick. Soooo, I added some water to the batter, making it almost the consistency of crepe batter. Then I added my spices, seeds, and scallions. If you don’t have scallions you could add onions instead. Garlic would be heavenly too.

There is no recipe, per se, you just add whatever you like and saute the dough in a pan. Add a bit of oil to the pan so the dough doesn’t stick. I cooked the dough for about 5 minutes per side. You’ll know when it’s done because it crisps up.
Here is the result.  DELICIOUS.  You can use this for a wrap to hold whatever you like.

Sourdough Starter Wrap