Matzo Ball Soup

Today was my first try at making Matzo Ball Soup.  Well actually that’s not totally true, many many years ago I tried, but that was before the wonderful world of youtube and google.  So before making the soup this time, I did some studying.

I’m not Jewish, but today is Passover and I wanted Matzo Ball Soup.

I love light and fluffy Matzo Balls.  Guess What?  I succeeded.
The recipe I used was from (#1 below).  They did come out very fluffy.

I also prepared a seder plate.  We’ll have some Matzo Ball Soup for our main course with some flatbread.

Just imagine … on this night thousands of years ago, the Death Angel “passed over” The Israelites and those who obeyed the commands of God to put the blood of a lamb over their doorposts and on the thresholds of their door.  Blessed Be The Name of the Lord!


  1. Light and Fluffy – She says seltzer is the secret
  2. Whole Wheat Matzo Balls
  3. Fluffy Matzo Balls – Baking Powder is the secret