Review of Bake Pop Cake Maker

I’ve been seeing these commercials non stop these last few days about a special baking pan that makes round little cakes.

Are you thinking of buying one of those Bake pop Cake Pop maker things?  My experience with these kinds of “specialty pans” hasn’t always been successful, so I decided to do some research first, but I think it looks like a terrific little pan.

Bake Pop Cake Pan

Bake pop cake maker

Reviews I read were that the pop maker could be difficult to work with, but Liz from Nut in a Nutshell shares some great tips on using it.

You can buy the cake pop maker here and also direct from Bed Bath and Beyond.

If you buy it direct from the Bake Pop Cake Maker site, they have a “special offer, for a limited time” of two sets for $19.99.  BUT, there’s a catch.

You must pay 7.99 shipping and handling TWICE.  That amounts to $35.97.  With that you get some other goodies too, head over to their site to check it out.

Here is a picture of some cake pops finished.  Sweet yes?

Bake Pop Cake Pan

The Holidays are officially underway at our house.  God bless you all.