Salt & cooking beans #899

BeansDo you know about safe food storage Did You Know Series: Tip #890

Secrets of a restaurant chef Anne Burrell says never to add salt to beans one is cooking from scratch until the cooking process is done.  Why?  It will cause the skins to become and burst.   If those skins burst, you can imagine that their little contents will slip out.  I think it would also dry out the beans. I remember reading about cooking chick peas that one should not add salt to the cooking water either.

Add your salt when the beans are done.  How do you know they are done?

The 5 bean test … pull out 5 beans, not 3, not 4.  5 Beans.  If 5 beans are not cooked…it means the whole pot is not done… so you must pull out 5 beans and bite into them.  Who knew?  Anne Burrell.  Thanks Anne.

That’s why I love cooking shows, and that’s why I started this site… learn things about food you never would know unless you hang out with chefs.

Ever had Gigante Beans.  I never heard of them.  But I’m going to try them.  We LOVE beans.