In this post, I want to share some of my thoughts about short hair wigs for women.  My hope is that this article helps to inform you as you search for your next short style. In the synthetic hair category, (as well as human hair) short hair wigs enjoy popularity all their own.  Short hair wigs are the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. 

Are you in the market for a new wig? Is this your first time reading about “alternative hair” or wigs? What is your preference for short hair wig styles? Have you found your “perfect style” yet? There are so many things to consider in the purchase of a short hair wig cut,  short length styles or must-haves for “your new best wig”? The market offers countless short hair wigs for women. Do you prefer your wigs to have a curly look or perhaps you prefer straight?

Low-maintenance and easy to style

For the most part, short hair wigs offer a hair style that is believable and will save you time; hence their popularity.  Short hair wigs (whether synthetic or human hair) are some of the industry’s best sellers and offer endless popular styles.  They offer your best chance to “get ready fast”. Thankfully, todays short hair synthetic wigs are available in virtually every color and/or style you can imagine. Choose your favorite or maybe you have more than one favorite?   Choosing the right style wig is not that much different than choosing a style for your natural hair. You’ll want to take into consideration the face shape you have.

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The word “short” can mean many things to many people.  Short for some can be something like EXTREMLY short.  It could mean a “pixie style” or as some like to call it, a “boy-cut”.  It could mean a “Bob” which is still short BUT longer than a pixie.  By the way, a bob style can be short or even long.  Short Hair Wig Styles are always on trend and fairly easy to find. You may wonder “how can I find my best wig?   I always ask that question PLUS inquire “how can I find my best grey wig?  Most seasoned wig wearers and/or experts in the field usually advise trying something that is close to how you already style own hair because for new wig wearers that seems to be the easiest way to transition. People (including your friends) and even strangers will compliment you or even ask where you got your hair done because it looks great!  Sometimes when a stranger compliments me on my hair I will let them know “it’s a wig” and sometimes I’ll just smile and thank them.  So, if you are new to wig wearing you may want to choose the “short wig style” category of classic wigs for your first purchase.  Many older women (or seniors) feel more comfortable going with short hair wigs, but just because you are older does not mean you have to always go short.  However, for the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on “short hair wigs for women”.

By Raquel Welch
Color: Iced Granita RL 51/61

Heard It All
Raquel Welch
Iced Granita
RL 51/61

By Estetica
Light Gray

Rene of Paris
Color #60

Gabor Sweet Talk
Gabor Sweet Talk

Below and pictured above are a few samples of what I think are some beautiful examples of short hair wigs for women.

  • Short styles or pixie wigs
  • Short Chin Length Bob wigs. A short curly wig can be a show stopper.
  • Short Curly wigs
  • Curly wigs – Curly hair

I must say I am partial to the straighter short hair wig styles. 

You can see some of the styles in the table above including where you can purchase them, but suffice it to say that there are COUNTLESS short curly wigs with voluminous curly hair.   Gabor’s “Sweet Talk is a gorgeous curly wig and comes in 5 grey colors

If you prefer medium wigs, shoulder length styles or even long length wigs, I’ll just sneak in here that one of my favorite long wigs is “Shakerato” by BelleTress in the color Roca Margarita Blonde.  Even if you are not a fan of longer styles you could always create a gorgeous updo with any long wig.  That subject is another post for another day.

  • Medium wigs or shoulder length
  • Long wigs or Long Length Wigs
  • Wavy wigs  elephant

There are, of course, other categories of short hair wigs.


  1. Wavy Human Hair Wigs – anytime you venture into the realm of “human hair” be prepared to pay.  As you can imagine, human hair wigs can be pricey.
  2. Elderly lady wigs or old lady wigs.   This category always makes me chuckle because although I’m over 60, I don’t consider myself an old lady.  I’m an older lady, but certainly not old.


Be sure to consider your skin tone when purchasing a wig.  It’s a good idea, for instance, if you’ve always looked good in a particular color to stay with that color.  You can see by my pictures all over my site that I’m all white now. There was a point in time when I still had a lot of black, and then as time moved on … I had more silver in my hair.  However, now that I’m mostly all white it would be obvious to everyone that I was wearing a wig if I turned up in a salt and pepper wig or any wig that is outside of my normal white or light grey. There are countless colors in the grey wig family.   I created a post speaking to the colors in the grey family.  You are certain to find a color you can fall in love with. Also, sometimes you might just like to be a blonde or a redhead for a day.  Nothing wrong with that and it could be fun.  There are colors including all (and more) than you see below.

  1. Blonde wigs
  2. Platinum Blonde
  3. Red wigs
  4. Pepper wig and then “Short” Salt and Pepper Wig
  5. Grey hair wig
  6. Short Top Lace Front – Keep in mind there are also “Toppers” that come in various colors of grey.

A quality, grey hair wig that is blended with believable colors and fibers can be challenging to find. The focus of my website (and my YouTube Channel) is to help my users locate hard-to-find beautiful blends of silver, grey and white wigs.  I have a wonderful resource here that I’m developing and will be building out over the next weeks, months and years.  It is exclusive content that eventually will be a paid resource, but for now and most likely this next year it is available to you at no charge.   Due to its proprietary nature, it requires a password to access the content.


Not only do wigs come in an endless parade of styles, but it is also important to remember that wigs come in various sizes. When I first began to wear wigs, I had no idea that “You must measure your head before you buy your first wig”.  Otherwise, you may be disappointed that it is too large or worse too small. 

Wig sizes vary as you see in the list below.  Be sure to take the time to measure. 
How to measure for your wigYou will save yourself a lot of frustration 

  1. Petite wigs
  2. Average*
  3. Large


  1. Human Hair Short Hair Wigs
  2. Human Hair Lace Front Short Hair Wigs
  3. Curly Human Short Hair Wigs
  4. Straight Human Short Hair Wigs

SO WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BEST SHORT WIGS? I wonder What is your preference for wig brands? Candidly speaking, some of my favorite brands are listed below.  I have come to love lace fronts.  A Full Mono Top, LOW DENSITY, Synthetic Fiber wigs.  I don’t “have to have” a lace front.  A wear a long wig named Angelica by Noriko.  It is a machine-made wig but the bangs (or side fringe) cover the hairline, so paying for a lace front is not necessary.  However if the wig is styled so that the hairline shows, my preference will always be a lace front wig.  Naturally, some brands do a great job on the lace front.  BelleTress does a wonderful job on their lace front wigs.  Shakerato is a great example of a well-done lace-front wig.  It also has a partial (but generous) mono top so that it looks like the hair is growing right out of the scalp.  Love that!  I think it’s probably easier to go with a machine-made cap (no lace front) with short hair wigs. Why?  Well, that’s because many of the short hair wig styles have bangs or a long side fringe, so a lace front, in my view, is not necessary.  Having said that though, many wig wearers will not purchase a short wig unless it has a lace front.

Some of  my favorite brands are:

I love Raquel Welch (RW). RW brand’s full lace wigs are so well done. I feel the same about Jon Renau.  Jon Renau has a line called “Smart Lace”.  Those caps are beautifully done.  Among the Aderans group: Rene of Paris, Noriko, Amore.  I feel the strength of the Aderans Group (the manufacturers of ROP, Noriko & Amore) that their fibers are fabulous.  My ROP and Noriko wigs STILL feel soft and silky.  Ellen Wille, Tony of Beverly, Henry Margu are also wonderful names in the industry for either short hair wigs OR long hair wigs or anything in between. Buy quality and you will never regret it.  Keep getting wisdom, keep getting understanding!  Take the time to learn. The world of wigs isn’t rocket science, but there is much to know.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, quality wigs are not cheap so it benefits you to educate yourself.


Although the regular price for quality short hair wigs for women can be expensive, many brands offer free shipping and it is usually applied in the shopping cart area.  Often you will even see something called a “Flash Sale”.  That means that at a moments notice, a wig can suddenly GO ON SALE and a special price will appear.  So when you see “Flash Sale” … go for it.  You never know IF OR WHEN you’ll see another sale on the color or style you prefer. 

Shorter wigs may cost less, but not always. If you are looking for a cheap short wig you may be disappointed at the quality, the fit, or believability.  I did purchase a cheap wig from Amazon.  I LOVED the color, I even loved the texture of the hair, but the parting was not believable.  It would have looked great though with a hat or perhaps scarf or headband.  Go here to see that video.  Often wig brands will have a clearance section, allowing the consumer to acquire a higher-end wig at a more affordable price.  Another idea is to search the web for “gently used wigs”  I will often sell some of the wigs I use for review or a wig I’ve barely worn. CLICK HERE to shop my gently worn wigs.


Did you know that Hair Toppers are available in short hair wig styles as well?  If you have-chin length (or even longer) hair, these toppers can save the day and transform you from sparse to an abundance of healthy-looking hair.

Short Hair WigsPaula Young has some very nice short hair wigs AND some nice short hair toppers as well … AND they are available in several shades of grey. 

Short-Length WhisperLite® Topper Hair Piece by Paula Young®
Light, monofilament topper hair piece adds volume to thinning hair.

In closing, I want to say: “PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE A STYLE BASED ON YOUR AGE” … There are no rules for length of hair. 

If you like short hair wig styles, then, of course, do short.  But if you like a medium to long wig, don’t be afraid to go with what you LOVE.  I’m 60 something.  Many viewers and readers of this blog are as well, and many many women still reach for long hair wigs as opposed to short hair wigs. 

Just go with what makes you feel pretty and is authentically you.



This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.