What is a shrimp sand vein? #895

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I always thought that dark veiny section in the shrimp was, well … to be graphic, poops from the shrimp.

Today, on Paula Deen’s show, she said that it is simply sand stuck in the back of the shrimp.   It’s called a sand vein.  All shrimp have them, both large and small.  BUT, hold on Paula … I looked it up on Wikipedia and they say something a little different.  That “is” sand in there but the sand IS definitely laying there inside the gastrointestinal tract.  So … you be the judge.   Wikipedia says “The vein is relatively easy to remove. One must first cut a slit in the shell and the back of the animal. Special deveining tools are sometimes used but knives, skewers, and even toothpicks can be used to devein.

Sand Vein in shrimpSo don’t be afraid to “de-vein” your shrimp.  You’re not touching what you think you are.  Yay!  Who knew?  Well . . . Paul Deen did.  Thanks Paula.